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University of California, Santa Cruz

BA in Art, Minor in History of Art and Visual Culture


2019 - "Works of Art by Students," JB Hall Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA

2019 - "Reading Room: After Archives," Sesnon Underground Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA

Mallory Mahon - Artist CV

I am an artist based in San Diego, California. I am particularly interested in film photography, as it allows me to capture the essence of a moment and evoke a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. My work is a reflection of my unique perspective on the world, and I aim to create pieces that inspire curiosity and wonder, as well as spark conversation and connection. As an artist, my goal is to ultimately help others see the world in a new way and appreciate the subtle beauty that surrounds us every day.

My work entails an exploration of themes related to time, memory, and the intricacies of daily life. I document my journey through the world both literally and metaphorically, with a discerning eye for texture, shadow, and reflection. My creative inspiration is drawn from a diverse range of sources, including the visual histories of the built environment, fashion, cinematography, and even family photo albums. 

I am deeply interested in the power of visual imagery to tell stories and capture moments in time, and have a particular fascination with archives and special collections. I believe that these collections are treasure troves of inspiration, and I am constantly inspired by the rich visual histories and narratives that can be found within them.

My artistic practice is driven by a deep passion for photography and a commitment to exploring new techniques and methods. As I continue to develop my artistic practice, I am excited to explore new ways of incorporating these ideas and experiences into my work. I work with both analog and digital photography, and am skilled in a range of printing methods. I have particular expertise in scanning both negative and positive transparencies, which allows me to create high-quality prints of my work.


In addition to my work as an artist, I have experience working in a gallery, installing art exhibitions, as well as managing public art events. It's given me a deeper understanding of the art world and allowed me to work closely with emerging artists, collectors, and industry professionals.

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